A new brand for PrivatBank1891

As part of our relaunch, we are also pleased to be able to present our new image to you.

The foundation for this was a workshop that took place over several days, during which we defined the goal of the relaunch. A concept was developed that combined the traditions and values of PrivatBank1891 with the vision of a modern online bank. This is further reflected in our new colour scheme.  

The goal of the website was not only to give our online presence a modern and friendly feel, but also to ensure a simple provision and retrievability of all information for our customers, as this is something that is close to our hearts.

In line with our claim “my style of banking”, the new website presents the complete range of services that we provide, tailored to our business areas. In additions, a focus on a modern and service-oriented approach ensures that we can respond to the individual needs of our customers.

The claim should communicate both the benefits and opportunities that we offer our customers. Identifying with the bank and having the feeling that performance is being maintained, things that are important to our customers, are in the foreground of the development of this claim.

“We want an authentic appearance which becomes more personal through the involvement of real colleagues”, said Jürgen Ender, Head of Sales and Chief Representative for our bank.

Through the targeted use of photos and statements of real colleagues – especially in the personal areas of the website – we achieve authentic and personal communication between us and our customers. Even if we are an online bank our customers should feel like there are real people that work here that they can trust. The new imagery supports this claim, as it allows a “personal look over the shoulder” of the customer and shows more everyday situations.

Along with new Corporate Design Material, such as office equipment, our new Giro and credit cards are arriving soon. Excited?