Besides an account to process your daily payment transactions, we also offer you an instant access deposit account free of charge where you can profitably deposit your surplus liquidity.

“BusinessCash” constitutes an investment without any exchange risks. Debit transactions in the full amount to be credited to your reference account are of course possible at any time.

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Current Conditions

Interest conditions
Interest on credit balances (up to 100.000,00 EUR) * 0,01 %
Interest on credit balances (from 100.000,01 EUR) *0,00 %
Minimum investment amount10.000 €
Maximum investment amount250.000 €
Account management0,00 €
Paperless transactions0,00 €
Paper and manual transactions2,00 €

* Variable interest rate; the bank will adjust the interest rates to the new business’ interest rates for deposits of this kind, which are based on the market conditions.


  • Free account management & real-time access through our banking portal
  • Free deposit and withdrawals through your reference account
  • Interest paid quarterly
  • Integration into your systems using FinTS, HBCI or EBICS
  • Flexible: no binding contract or fixed term
  • Attractive interest for your free liquidity
  • Safe investment - thanks to deposit protection