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Guidelines for complaint management

Errors can take place anywhere where people work. Complaints give us important clues with regard to the quality of our products, the work processes that we have defined and our service and quality behaviour. The complaints that we receive are regularly evaluated in order to recognise weaknesses and initiate improvements in products and processes, which then bring about an increase in our quality.
Your concern is processed by the net-m privatbank 1891 AG complaint management team.

Processes of handling complaints

Complaints can be submitted to us in the following ways:

  • In writing: Ritterstraße 19, 33602 Bielefeld, Germany
  • By phone: +49 521 55798 - 0
  • By fax: +49 521 55798 - 9000
  • E-Mail:
  • Via the contact form on our web site

When submitting a complaint, you should provide us with the following information at minimum, in order to guarantee its proper handling:

  • Your complete contact information (name, address, telephone number or e-mail address).
  • Description of the situation you are complaining about as well as information about which concerns have resulted due to the complaint (e.g. troubleshooting, recommendations for improvement or clarification of a situation).
  • Through which channel you would like an answer (by post, by phone or by e-mail).

Complaint management is informed of all incoming complaints and monitors how they are handled. The processing of a complaint is handled by a department or through complaint management.

After receipt of a complaint, within a week, you will receive confirmation of its receipt by net-m privatbank 1891 AG. If the complaint can be completely handled in a timely manner, you will receive an answer in place of the confirmation receipt. We process every complaint individually and deal with the situation that you have outlined.
The complaint will be responded to within an appropriate period of time after its receipt; this length of time depends on the extent of the situation. If, as an exception to the rule, we cannot answer your complaint within the aforementioned deadlines, we will let you know about the delay, the reasons for the delay and the estimated processing time.

If we cannot accommodate your request or cannot accommodate it fully, we will explain our position to you.

If no solution is found at this level or if, in your opinion, this does not lead to the desired outcome, the arbitration boards of the Deutsche Bundesbank or the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht may also be consulted.

Out-of-court dispute resolution

Arbitration Board at Deutsche Bundesbank

Consumers have the option of using the Arbitration Board at Deutsche Bundesbank to resolve any disputes that may arise with the bank in relation to payment services, consumer loans, distance selling contracts for financial services and e-money. Where disputes concerning a payment services contract (Sections 675c to 676c of the German Civil Code) or e-money (Section 23b and Section 2 Para. 1a Item 3 of the Payment Services Supervision Act) are involved, customers who are not consumers also may request their resolution by the Arbitration Board at Deutsche Bank. Further details are contained in the “Arbitration Board at Deutsch Bundesbank” leaflet, which is available on request or can be downloaded from the Internet at

Complaints should be addressed in text form to the Arbitration Board at:

Deutschen Bundesbank
Postfach (P.O. Box) 11 12 32
60047 Frankfurt am Main

fax: +49 69 2388-1919
email: schlichtung(@)

Federal Financial Supervisory Authority

If an arbitration board is not responsible, you are not happy in agreement with the outcome of arbitration or feel that you have been mistreated by the bank, you have the option of lodging a complaint with the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority.

You can obtain more detailed information about this process at The address is:

Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht
Graurheindorfer Straße 108
53117 Bonn

fax: +49 228 41 08 15 50
email: poststelle(@)

European OS Platform

According to EU Regulation no. 524/2013 on online dispute resolution in consumer affairs, customers have the possibility to settle disputes out of court with companies associated with online sales contracts or online service agreements through an online platform (OS platform). This platform is being set up by the EU Commission and made accessible via the following link:



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Source of information / time quotes / delay of data

The price information on the PrivatBank 1891 websites come from different data suppliers. These data suppliers are mentioned by name in the Conditions of Use on the individual web pages. Please note that many of the times are reported in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). We are also obliged to present certain financial data, e.g. stock exchange prices with a small time delay (approx. 15 minutes at the most). Please note the technical information for the current display.

Liability for content / information

Although the greatest care is taken in the procurement and provision of information, PrivatBank 1891 and third parties who provide PrivatBank 1891 with information on their website, do not accept any liability that the stock exchange and business information, rates, indices, prices, general market data and other access content provided and displayed on this website is correct, complete, up-to-date, accurate or available. PrivatBank 1891 has not had all the information that the documents are based on verified itself. PrivatBank 1891 does not accept any liability for losses that are caused by the distribution/use of these documents/information or are related to the distribution/use of these documents/information. The documents/information may be out-of-rate due to recent developments without the provided documents/information being modified

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Data privacy

Should you provide us with personal data, these data will be treated with a degree of confidentiality typical for the banking industry and in accordance with the data protection laws and regulations. It will not be used for any other purpose or passed onto third parties, unless the user has been previously made aware of this and has initiated the transfer electronically through a clear, deliberate action Please note that for technical reasons we can currently only offer a secure (encrypted) transfer of your message within our online banking. With confidential messages you wish to send to us, please use our online banking or post for your own security.

Please also note our information regarding email communication


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Brand names

The following names and abbreviations are registered brands of Deutsche Börse AG: EUREX, FWB, FBF, DAX, MDAX, CDAX, REX, VDAX, BOSS, CUBE, Xetra. All other product descriptions mentioned herein serve exclusively as a means of identification and can be brands and / or registered brands of the respective company.

Applicable law and place of jurisdiction

The usage of these websites is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. Place of jurisdiction is Bielefeld.

Notes on email communication

PrivatBank 1891 is unable to accept any binding orders via answer forms, emails or any other means outside the offered online banking and brokerage process for security and legal reasons. Contractual relationships cannot be entered into with the bank by email. Email communication from bank employees and their content are not legally binding and must not be construed as the bank’s declaration of intent.

As a mass medium, communication by email has established itself as a quick, convenient and cheap method of communication over the last few years. Communication by email also has certain disadvantages though due to technical reasons. For example, unencrypted E-mail messages sent via the Internet may be read by unauthorised persons (lack of confidentiality) or even changed (lack of integrity). The sender of an E-mail may also be changed (lack of authenticity). Please note when sending E-mails to PrivatBank 1891, that this form of communication does not guarantee the confidentiality or security of a written letter but can be compared to a postcard in this respect. Therefore decide very carefully which information you want to send us by email. We are currently still not able to offer you a generally recognised signature and encryption procedure that meets the security and confidentiality requirements of a credit institute to secure email communication. As it is possible to change the sender of an email and the contents of an email message, we reserve the right, for both your security and ours, to ask for return confirmation before we accept the content of the message as binding for us. Your data will not be used for any other purpose or passed on to third parties.

The emails/messages sent to us are processed during our business hours.