PrivateCash - flexible instant access deposit account

Our instant access deposit account gives you maximum freedom. We offer you flexible and save saving without any minimum deposit requirements. Experience having complete control over your investments with our online banking portal, irrespective of where you happen to find yourself in the world.

Current conditions for new customers

Interest Conditions

interest on credit balances (up to 100.000,00 EUR)

0,00 %
interest on credit balances (from 100.000,01 EUR) *0,00 %
account management0,00 €
paperless transactions0,00 €
paper and manual transactions2,00 €

* Variable interest rate; the bank will adjust the interest rates to the new business’ interest rates for deposits of this kind, which are based on the market conditions.

your advantages

  • free account management & real-time access via our banking portal
  • no minimum term: available every day
  • interest on credit balances from the first euro*
  • interest paid quarterly
  • free deposit and withdrawals via your reference account
  • safe investment thanks to deposit protection